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Within a few minutes we are ready for action!


“Instant Performer™ has been a lifesaver for me, seriously. Well, a relationship saver actually. I’m 35 and had started noticing that my erections were getting weaker and that’s if I could get one at all. No need for that now! My partner rubs your stuff on my cock just before sex and within a few minutes we are ready for action. I can actually feel it working. Amazing."

J Bloggs - United Kingdom



Hard and ready for action in minutes.
Can’t imagine how anything could be easier.

“I started getting erection problems once I hit 40 years old. Terrifying! After years of thinking I was stuck with it and not wanting to take the Viagra route. Someone was talking about Instant Performer™ and saying how well it worked for them and that they liked the idea that it was safe and used natural ingredients. Sounded good to me so I tried it and it’s amazing stuff. Can't imagine how anything could be easier.”

Ron B - New York, USA





It really helps to get me hard and keep me hard.


“Just wanted to compliment you on a great product. I’ve used prescription remedies in the past and I always suffer blinding headaches as a result, so it was a relief to find your gel. It really helps to get me hard and keep me hard with no side effects at all. Works so fast too, which is a real bonus.”

Randy L - Wiohita, USA



Then it happened again! Only this time with a 10 out of 10 hottie!


“I have always prided myself at how virile I am between the sheets. I can get hard at the drop of a hat, I can stay hard till the job is done, and I have never suffered from premature ejaculation. So when the old fella refused to get hard one night I was horrified. Everything went through my mind. There must be something terribly wrong with me. It scared the hell out of me. I was literally praying as I rubbed the Instant Performer™ on my cock in the bathroom but by the time I got back in the bedroom, I was rock hard. 2 hours and 2 orgasms later, I was still hard. I don’t need it every time but Instant Performer™ is now my back up plan, insurance, call it what you will. I’m just glad I found it.”

David G - Southboro, Maine, USA


I'm happy again. She's happy again.


“Lifesaver! Slap it on. Feel it working and tingling straight away. I’m happy again. She’s happy again. Wouldn’t be without it now.”