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How Our Gel Works

With clinically proven, safe, natural ingredients, Instant Performer works transdermally. Simply apply Instant Performer to your penis and feel it immediately start to work!

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Bigger, Thicker & Harder Erections

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Experience Longer Lasting Erections

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Easy, Convenient & Fast Acting

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Double the Intensity Of Your Orgasms

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Completely Safe & Side Effect Free

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Unique & Powerful All Natural Ingredients


No artificial colors, no gluten, no preservatives, no salt or yeast,
not tested on animals and is suitable for vegetarians & vegans.

2 Tubes of Instant Performer

The powerful blend of the most proven and effective male enhancement ingredients on the market makes Instant Performer an absolute powerhouse where male enhancement results are concerned.

The unique, safe formulation of clinically proven ingredients ensure that you are rock hard and ready for action, when YOU want to be.

Better still Instant Performer has none of the side effects of well known prescription medicines!

No risk. No danger. You can begin benefiting from stronger erections, increased stamina and double strength orgasms in a matter of days.


We think Instant Performer is AWESOME but why take our word for it…
Have a read of some of the real testimonials we’ve gotten from some of our top instant performers!

Instant Performer Customer: David S - Dallas, USA

Within a few minutes, I was ready for action!

Instant Performer has been a lifesaver for me, seriously. Well, a relationship saver actually. I’m 35 and had started noticing that my erections were getting weaker and that’s if I could get one at all. No need for that now! My partner rubs your stuff on my cock just before sex and within a few minutes we are ready for action. I can actually feel it working. Amazing.

David S – Dallas, USA

Instant Performer Customer: Ron B - New York, USA

Hard and ready for action in minutes!

I started getting erection problems once I hit 40 years old. Terrifying! After years of thinking I was stuck with it and not wanting to take the Viagra route. Someone was talking about Instant Performer and saying how well it worked for them and that they liked the idea that it was safe and used natural ingredients. Sounded good to me so I tried it and it’s amazing stuff. Can’t imagine how anything could be easier.

Ron B – New York, USA

Instant Peformer Customer: Randy L - Wiohita, USA

It really helps to get me hard and keep me hard!

Just wanted to compliment you on a great product. I’ve used prescription remedies in the past and I always suffer blinding headaches as a result, so it was a relief to find your gel. It really helps to get me hard and keep me hard with no side effects at all. Works so fast too, which is a real bonus.

Randy L – Wiohita, USA

Instant Performer Customer: Adam M  – Alabama, USA

Then it happened again…
Only this time with a 10 out of 10 hottie!

I have always prided myself at how virile I am between the sheets. I can get hard at the drop of a hat, I can stay hard till the job is done, and I have never suffered from premature ejaculation. So when the old fella refused to get hard one night I was horrified. Everything went through my mind. There must be something terribly wrong with me. It scared the hell out of me. I was literally praying as I rubbed the Instant Performer on my cock in the bathroom but by the time I got back in the bedroom, I was rock hard. 2 hours and 2 orgasms later, I was still hard. I don’t need it every time but Instant Performer is now my back up plan, insurance, call it what you will. I’m just glad I found it.

Adam M  – Alabama, USA

And Our Survey Said…

There is nothing more pleasing than getting a testimonial from one of our many customers.
That said, we also routinely run surveys to better understand what all our Instant Performer’s think!

Instant Performer Tube
  • 91%
  • 83%
  • 87%

91% of users said sexual intercourse was improved using Instant Performer

83% of users said erection strength was notably stronger using Instant Performer

87% of users said improved arousal levels were achived within 5 minutes of apply Instant Performer

Instant Performer 180 Day Money Back Guarantee Badge

Still Not Sure?

If you’re still trying to decide if Instant Performer is the product for you… don’t worry, we offer a 180 day money back guarantee. Put simply, if you don’t like it, send it back and we’ll give you a refund. For fully details on how our money back guatantee works, have a read of our dedicated guarantee page.

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