No More Doubt
No More Embarrassment
No More Disappointment

Whether you suffer from soft erections, or premature ejaculations, it’s
probably embarrassing and disappointing . . . for both of you.

What makes it worse is the fact that it’s not your fault and yet you can’t help the guilty feeling. You so wantto please and satisfy your partner, but you need a long lasting, firm erection to do that.

Men don’t need long to reach orgasm and to be honest, whether its 5 minutes or 5 hours, we tend to feel as satisfied afterwards, either way.

Women are different. They need much more stimulation and build up. And when it comes to actual intercourse, if you’re not fully erect, it’s NOT going to have the desired effect!

Thanks to transdermal technology your erectile problems are a thing of the past

And you’ll be pleased to hear Instant Performer™ works extremely FAST.

  • You rub Instant Performer™ on and the specially selected ingredients are absorbed quickly through your skin and starts going to work immediately.
  • Almost Straight Away you’ll feel the effects. You can actually feel it working.
  • And your erection can last for up to 2 hours! That’s more than long enough to satisfy your partner. In fact they’ll be on cloud nine!
  • You’ll feel like a porn star every time, they’ll feel like they’ve had sex with a porn star . . . it’s all good.

That’s the great thing about transdermal technology, you don’t have to wait for it to work. As it’s absorbed through your skin directly to where it’s needed, it works almost immediately.

If you take pills they can take a long time to work.

They have to work their way through your digestive system, where most of the ingredients are lost, then get through to your bloodstream, where what’s left of them is transported to where it’s needed.

With some supplements, this isn’t too much of a problem. It doesn’t matter when they work. If they take hours to be absorbed it doesn’t matter, as you don’t need the speed of action, you just need the effect.

When it comes to sex however, you can’t always time it just right with tablets

You’ll either get your erection too early and it’ll go to waste, or too late and it’ll miss the show!

Wouldn’t it make far more sense to use something that will give you an rock solid erection exactly when YOU want it?

And obviously something that will ensure you’re hard for the entire event?

Another problem can be that if you do suffer from soft erections, you might just manage to get hard enough to penetrate your partner, but you end up coming way too soon.

How can that be? You can’t get a full erection yet once you are having sex you still suffer from the dreaded premature ejaculation.

It’s like a double whammy of embarrassment!

Instant Performer™ makes both of these problems a thing of the past. You’ll get intense, rock hard erections when YOU want them, and you won’t have to worry about premature ejaculations any more.

Even if you get carried away and you do happen to come to quickly, you have the peace of mind that your erection will still be rock hard, so you can carry on until you are BOTH fully satisfied.

No more worrying if your partner is telling you the truth when they tell you “It doesn’t matter”. Sure there are some people who don’t care about sex that much and might actually stick around no matter what . . . but is it worth taking that chance?

Especially when your ‘insurance’ against soft erections, or premature ejaculations costs less than the price of dinner out for the pair of you.

erection healthDon’t forget that Instant Performer™ also comes with Erection Health

The Erection Health exercises will allow you to help control your ejaculations, stay hard for longer and enjoy rock solid erections.

They are extremely easy to do and take literally minutes per day. You don’t have to use them to benefit from Instant Performer™ but a little practice and you’ll find that your erections start to naturally become firmer and longer lasting.

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instant performerYou have no risk when ordering your ‘Performance Insurance’ with complete peace of mind.

You’ll get the results we’ve promised when you use it as directed or you can just send it back for a fast 100% refund.

We know you’ll be completely satisfied with your performance when you try Instant Performer™ and so will your lover!
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