Instant Performer™

Whether you suffer from soft erections or premature ejaculation both can leave you feeling embarrassed and disappointed.

You begin to worry about going into the bedroom. Will it happen again? Was it a one off? The pressure to perform forces you into an endless cycle of guilt, fear and doubt.

Yet it's not your fault...

Stress, nerves, alcohol or medical - your body loves to wreck havoc and mess with your mind.

But what if you could change that? What if you could ensure that both of you are always satisfied?

You see, whilst men don't need as long to reach orgasm - 5 minutes or 5 hours - we tend to be satisfied either way, for women it is different. They need much more stimulation in order to climax, and if you’re not fully erect, it’s NOT going to have the desired effect!

Instead they will be left hanging on the edge, frustrated, agitated and desperate for that extra push. A push that you soon will be able to give them - EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Imagine for a moment being able to put the spontaneity back into your relationship. Of knowing that within a matter of seconds you will be able to fulfil all your partners deepest desires and leave them gasping from double strength orgasms.

Instant Performer can offer this promise, thanks to its transdermal technology. Simply rub our male enhancement gel onto your penis and it's specially selected ingredients will quickly absorb into your skin and begin working immediately:

  • Almost Straight Away you’ll feel the effects. You can actually feel it working.
  • Your erection can last for up to 2 hours! That’s more than enough time to satisfy your partner again and again and again. In fact they’ll be on cloud nine.

And the great thing is you don't have to wait for it to work!

Our gel takes just 40 seconds to quickly absorb into where it's needed. Just 40 seconds and your penis will be rock hard and ready for action.

And this is vastly different to pills that not only lose most of their ingredients during digestion but take a long time to work.

From dealing with your digestive system to getting through to your bloodstream, what little there is that is left of them can take hours to give you the results you crave. Hours of worrying if they are going to work.

And that is time you cannot afford to lose, especially when your partner wants you there and then.

We’ve put a lot of research and development into the creation of Instant PerformerTM and it shows. Because of this we’re sure you’ll be satisfied with our gel as:

  • Over 80% of previous customers have re-ordered.
  • Transdermal technology is cutting edge and is the fastest acting delivery system available.
  • Our ingredients are well proven and incredibly effective.
  • Your purchase is fully guaranteed *Our Guarantee Applies to All Orders
    of 3 tubes or Larger

However, we understand that our word is not always enough. You want to feel secure in your purchase. That it can provide you with the results it promises.

That is why we offer a realistic guarantee, so you have got plenty of time to witness the positive effects our gel can have on your sex life, erections and your confidence.

You’ll either get your erection too early and it’ll go to waste, or it will happen too late and it’ll miss the show!

And to be honest, do you really want to have to plan your sex life? To have to schedule with your partner when your tablets are roughly going to work? Talk about unromantic!

Instead, wouldn’t it make sense to use a product that will give you rock solid erections when YOU want it? No waiting around. No hoping. But instantaneous results that will ensure you're hard the entire time. Of course!

Similarly, wouldn't you want something that could ensure that soft erections are a thing of the past? Yes!

Yet it happens more often than you think...

You manage to get hard enough to penetrate your partner, you're giving it your all, but all too soon you're coming and your partner... they are not even close.

And you are left wondering - how can that be? How can I struggle to get a full erection yet once I'm having sex, I still suffer from the dreaded premature ejaculation?

It’s an endless spiral of embarrassment, shame and self doubt...

Luckily, Instant PerformerTM can make both of these problems a thing of the past. With one quick rub you can get intense, rock hard erections when and where YOU want them.

And should you get carried away and come too quickly? It doesn't matter. With Instant Performer you can experience the satisfaction of knowing that your erection will still be rock hard, even after you've come. Meaning you can carry on until you are BOTH fully satisfied!

Erection Health's unique 8 minute exercises are extremely easy to do and are designed to help you control your ejaculations; stay hard for longer and enjoy rock solid erections.

You don’t even have to use them to benefit from Instant PerformerTM; however with a little practice, you’ll soon find that your erections are naturally firmer and longer lasting.

We understand that you want peace of mind when ordering a product, especially one that is for your penis. You want to know that you have made the right choice.

That is why we take all the risk for you!

Should you not get the results we've promised (when used as directed); you can send our gel back and get a 100% refund. No questions. No catch. If our product does not work for you, you can get your money back.

However we are confident that you’ll be completely satisfied with your performance when you try Instant PerformerTM... and so will your lover!

Read more on our IRON CLAD GUARANTEE by clicking here...

  • Instant PerformerTM can Give You An Immediate Gain In Length & Thickness.
  • You can STAY Hard For Much Longer, to guarantee intense satisfaction for you both.
  • Tired, Stressed, One Too Many Drinks Or New Partner Nervousness, Don’t Worry.
  • The ingredients in Instant PerformerTM will increase your stamina and sex drive, as well as keep you in the mood for hours.
  • More Intense Orgasms Thanks To A Harder & Bigger Penis. And your partner WILL notice.
  • Side Effect Free. None of the worries associated with Prescription performance drugs like Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra, but all of the benefits thanks to our all natural ingredients. You can impress in the bedroom without worry.
  • Incredibly Convenient and Discreet. Apply it in the bathroom, bedroom, car or countryside! You can even use it as a lube and get your partner involved.
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